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The Senses Show - Medical Mavericks

The Senses Show - Medical Mavericks
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This is an interactive live stream where your students get to try different experiments on themselves during the show alongside me!

I show you - you try it out - I explain the science.

The experiments explore your senses and you'll also discover some weird quirks of the human body too!

Experiments include:

  • Finding your blind spot
  • Seeing whose arm has evolved differently to everyone else's
  • What's more important for taste, your nose or your tongue
  • Make everyone's arms either sink into the floor or float into the air
  • Discover what your hearing frequency range is
  • And many more (9 in total!)

You don't need any specialist equipment, but each student will need a piece of paper and a pen, something to eat like a sweet or a biscuit and a torch / light of some kind. Usually the light on their phone is fine.

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