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The Human Guinea Pig Show - Medical Mavericks

The Human Guinea Pig Show - Medical Mavericks
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Meet Dr Tom - the Medical Maverick - as he introduces students to careers in the NHS that they have never heard of before. So, Tom DOES NOT talk about doctors, nurses, physios... you know, the usual suspects.

The careers he does cover are from Healthcare Science, and they perform 85% of all diagnostic tests in a hospital, including: Cardiac Physiology, Respiratory Physiology, Neurology, Medical Engineering, Bioinformatics, Ophthalmic Science, Prosthetic Engineering & Haematology - all of which are accessible with levels 9-4 at GCSE.

This show is delivered through LIVE medical demonstrations and amazing video footage of some of the medical tests Tom has had over the years, just for the fun of it; one particular highlight includes a camera up Tom’s nose and into his lungs during a bronchoscopy!

Some of Tom’s other live medical demos include:

  • Ultrasounding his carotid artery and jugular vein in his neck
  • Recording an ECG from his heart
  • Listening to his pulse with a doppler
  • Scanning his veins with a vein scanner
  • Measuring his lung volume with a spirometer

Every show is performed LIVE and streamed from his new studio and you can interact with Tom during the show via the chat function on the site!

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