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Survival Skills for Schools

Survival Skills for Schools
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Get back to nature with our Bushcraft training school. Bushcraft is a form of wilderness survival skills which has gained popularity from the hit TV characters Ray Mears and Bear Gryls. Using the sacred order of survival, our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will ensure your stay in the wilderness is a comfortable learning experience. Choose from a range of survival skills to link with your school curriculum. Come and visit us on site, or we can bring the adventure to you*!

  • Shelter Building – Creating Dens and Playscapes - Cutting, Cordage and Cover.
  • Fire lighting – Preparation, Skills, types and techniques. Ferro Rods, Tinder Boxes, Knife Work, Feather sticks (optional)
  • Hill Walking & Navigation – map and compass work in the hills and identifying rock formations
  • Rope Work & Raft Building – Knots & Lashing – build a raft and paddle it
  • Sea shore Foraging – Identifying and cooking wild edibles.
  • Fishing – Making a fishing line, filleting and cooking fish
  • Camouflage – The art of concealment
  • Backwoods Cooking – wild cooking without utensils or using Kelly kettle, Dutch oven and Petromax.
  • Pioneering & Cordage– Creating structures from ropes and spars
  • Water - Containers & Purification
  • Coastal Clean Up - learn about the effects of marine pollution & ethics of Leave No Trace.
  • Rockpooling - Identifying mini beasts and shellfish on the seashore
  • Nature Art - take art outdoors and create art projects using natural materials
  • Hand Tools - Knives, Axes, Drills, Saws & Shovels, safety & proper usage.

*In School activities subject to a suitable area at your school grounds

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