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Be prepared to run across the jungle, wade through the quicksand and sprint through Rugbytots Valley avoiding all the smoking boulders. Get ready to protect your egg, launch a missile or attack the pirates and seize the ship, all this of course, whilst trying to avoid the evil side lines!

Rugbytots structured play sessions will take your children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way whilst teaching them how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team. Our classes are filled with stimulating teaching points and incorporate elements of shapes, colours, numbers and counting, making it extremely exciting and engaging for the children.

Promoting children’s physical development and levels of activity are key aspects of our lessons and each of our sessions will begin with a discussion about the principles of a healthy lifestyle appropriate for the age group of your pupils.

  • Timings - 30 - 45 minutes (flexible depending on schools requirements)
  • Price - £50 p/h

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