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Microscale Chemistry

Microscale Chemistry
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The range of school experiments being carried out the microscale is growing. Reaction rates, relative atomic mass determinations and syntheses of organic and inorganic compounds, from Key Stage 3 through to A-level, are all proving to be successful.

There are several good reasons for using microscale apparatus and doing reactions on the millimolar scale or less;

- health hazards are virtually eliminated,

- the reactions are quicker,

- cheaper,

- less waste and less mess to clear up,

- practical work is more accessible to more students, and

- as each student can work individually, this approach encourages them to be independent and take ownership of their work.

This is a joint session split into a session for science teachers run by RSC Education Coordinator Johanne Brolly to learn about difference microscale practicals and a session for students ideally in their final year of single award science to try out some microscale chemistry led by NWRC Science staff.

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