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Micro:bit Magic: Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom!

Micro:bit Magic: Unleashing Creativity in the Classroom!
Event Details

Join us for an interactive journey into the world of creative coding with BBC micro:bit, streamed live into classrooms. Along with our partners at AMMA Centre, this free webinar is being delivered as part of NI Science Festival!

What to Expect:

Discover the magic of BBC micro:bits, tiny programmable computers that spark creativity and curiosity in primary school students. Through engaging live demonstrations, we'll guide classrooms through three hands-on creative coding activities, empowering young minds to explore the exciting possibilities of technology.

Why Attend:

~ Interactive Learning: Participate in real-time coding activities alongside our experienced facilitators.

~ Inspiration for Educators: Gain valuable insights into integrating micro:bits into your classroom curriculum.

Whether your school has physical BBC micro:bits or not, everyone can join using the micro:bit website and simulator.

Don't miss this opportunity to bring coding and innovation into your classroom.

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