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Margherita Polacci, Professor of Volcanology, in conversation

Margherita Polacci, Professor of Volcanology, in conversation
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What is it like to be a Professor of Volcanology and spend everyday studying and researching volcanoes? Find out in our discussion with Professor Margherita Polacci, who is currently studying the physical behaviour of magma in volcanic conduits and eruption dynamics!

Professor Polacci’s current research project will change our current understanding of volcanic processes and volcanic eruptions and will put the UK into a cutting-edge position for the study and prediction of volcano system behaviour.

This event is hosted by Theoretical Physicist, TV presenter and Science Communicator (as well as former professional footballer) Mark Langtry.

Mark educates and entertains audiences of all ages through his RTE TV show ‘Let’s Find Out’ and live shows at schools, festivals and events across the world.

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