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Digital Twins- Where AI meets IoT

Digital Twins- Where AI meets IoT
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling our world to be replicated digitally – creating “Digital Twins” of our cities, our cars, our homes, and even ourselves. A Digital Twin is an exact replica of something in the physical world, with a unique aim - to help improve the real-life version. This workshop will introduce the emerging field of Digital Twins. In doing so, the workshop will showcase cutting edge technologies and concepts at the intersection of IoT and AI.

This workshop is organized by the School of Computing, Ulster University. Attendees will have an opportunity to get hands on with these technologies through a number of interactive demonstrations, covering topics such as sensor technologies, machine vision, robotics, virtual/ augmented reality, chatbots and simulation.

This event will take place in BC-03-115 and the Level 3 Atrium of the Ulster University Belfast Campus.

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