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Ahoy! Communication at Sea

Ahoy! Communication at Sea
Event Details

Join us on board HMS Caroline for Ahoy! Communication at Sea, a guided tour designed for Keystage 2 pupils as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

Led by a member of the HMS Caroline Learning Team, pupils will have an opportunity to explore the historic spaces on board and learn about what life was like at sea for the ship's crew during the First World War.

The session will also examine the main forms of communication on and between ships during the First World War, including voice-pipes, semaphore flags and Morse Code. By completing a range of hands-on challenges, pupils will investigate how sound travels, interpret different types of information and work in teams to crack codes.

The visit lasts approximately 3.5 hours, which includes half an hour at the end of the session for lunch. There is an indoor area on board the ship where pupils can eat a packed lunch.

If you have any queries about the session, please contact the HMS Caroline Learning Team at

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