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Through a Vet's Eyes - Sean Wensley

Environment & Nature
Through a Vet's Eyes - Sean Wensley
Event Description

How to care for animals and treat them better

Our lives are intrinsically linked to those of animals - whether that's the animals we farm for food, those living in the wild, those we use for sport or the ones we choose to keep as pets. We all have a responsibility to consider our impact, and even small changes in our own lives could significantly improve the quality of theirs.

Dr Sean Wensley
is an award-winning vet and lifelong naturalist, advocating animal wellbeing around the world. Fusing keen scientific insight with tender meditations on the natural world, Through a Vet's Eyes reveals the injustices which animals experience every day and raises an important question: how can we choose a better life for animals?

Compelling and compassionate, Through a Vet's Eyes helps us to see things from the animals' perspectives, and illuminates the ways we can better care for our fellow creatures.

'If you love animals, read this book' - Jay Griffiths, author of Wild: An elemental journey

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