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The Science of ADHD & Women with Dr Natasha Langan | Seed Talks - Belfast

Mind & Body
The Science of ADHD & Women with Dr Natasha Langan | Seed Talks - Belfast
Event Description

From 2019 to 2021, there was a 3200% increase in women who took online ADHD tests. The condition can present differently in girls and women, meaning that they often fly under the radar - with only 1 girl getting a diagnosis for every 10 boys.

This talk will explore how women and girls with ADHD are missed, misdiagnosed, and misunderstood. We will discuss important topics such as adult ADHD, getting diagnosed later in life, and ways of managing ADHD outside of medication. You will learn how and why the female presentation of ADHD is different to male presentations, including the popular concept of ‘masking’.

We will also discuss why shame is such a common experience for women diagnosed later in life, and how this impacts their relationships with themselves and others, including romantic relationships.

​​What You will Learn

  • An understanding of ADHD, and how it can present in women and girls
  • The power of compassionate understanding of challenges and difficulties
  • How to implement techniques of self compassion, acceptance, and positive change to understand and manage your ADHD and improve quality of life and relationships
  • How psycho-social interventions are also key to ADHD management
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