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Seed & Plant Swap - Brink!

Environment & Nature
Seed & Plant Swap - Brink!
Event Description

It’s the perfect time of year for potting up your seeds for a summer of plants & food, so come in and swap your seeds and seedlings, talk to other growers, and be part of a growing movement of sharing and avoiding waste that we all need to be part of. Sometimes we don’t empty all of our seeds from a packet, or don’t want to grow the same variety year after year. A seed swap gives you the opportunity to exchange a pick of seeds for another one while sharing growing tips. Seeds can be fruit, flower or vegetable and must be valid for the 2023 growing season. Everyone is welcome.

About Brink

BRINK is a collective of creative thinkers, innovators and action takers building a platform for discussion, education and action centred on the issues of climate breakdown. They are driven by creative voices focused on innovative use of art, technology and citizen science to break through the status quo and consider new ways of living more – connected, healthy, sustainable, and resilient lives – in a rapidly changing environment.

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Environment & Nature

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Nature-Friendly Farming in Action with Ballyboley Dexters

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