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A New Topography of Love

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A New Topography of Love
Event Description

Installed in vintage console arcade gaming tables, A NEW TOPOGRAPHY OF LOVE tells a tale of climate & environmental destruction. The earth, ravaged by waste and excess, is almost too late to save. The animals that remain become our teachers, reminding us of the essence and importance of living within our means.

The piece plays out across five-interactive musical & gaming levels. Imagine Super Mario Brothers meets Mario Lanza, Mickey Mouse, whales, bats, birds, and Jeff Bezos - all battling it out for the future of our very own planet earth.

Composer Brian Irvine, writer & director John McIlduff, artist Stephen Maurice Graham, classical musicians & opera singers from throughout Ireland combine to create a bold new videogame / opera experience.

Find it at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

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