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Madeleine Finlay - Beetles for Breakfast (Belfast)

Science Communication
Madeleine Finlay - Beetles for Breakfast (Belfast)
Madeleine Finlay - Beetles for Breakfast (Belfast)
Event Description

... and Other Weird and Wonderful Ways To Save The Planet

Imagine doing your homework with a pen that writes with exhaust fume ink. Or using cutlery made from potatoes… What about drinking cockroach milk or, as the title of science writer Madeleine Finlay’s new book suggests – having Beetles for Breakfast? Shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2022, Madeleine Finlay’s colourful and compelling book explores all sorts of exciting inventions and ideas which could make our future more eco-friendly - and sooner than you might think.

From how we eat and play, to home and school life, Beetles for Breakfast is packed full of cool facts and fun infographics that are sure to inspire young minds. Join Madeleine to discover weird and wonderful ways to save the planet, and try some bugs for yourself!

This event is also taking place on Saturday 18 February in The Playhouse, Derry/Londonderry as part of SIREN23


Madeleine Finlay has a first-class Undergraduate Master's in Physics, Honours Astrophysics, a Master's in Science Communication. She now writes for such outlets as the BBC and New Scientist, among others.

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