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LUMI X NISF: Metropolis

Tech and Innovation Engineering & Robotics
LUMI X NISF: Metropolis
Event Description

Considered one of the most influential films of all time, Metropolis is known for its groundbreaking special effects, elaborate set design, and iconic imagery, including the robot named Maria, which is one of the earliest examples of a humanoid robot in cinema.

Metropolis explores class struggles, human-machine dynamics and a pursuit for societal harmony amid technological advancements. Its powerful sequences involving visions of the future and images of technology to a large degree control the flow of the narrative. Creating an uncanny vision of a time and place so striking they become part of our own arsenal of images for imagining the world.

Despite its historical significance, the original version of Metropolis was lost until a nearly complete copy of the movie was found in 2008, in a museum in Argentina. After restoration, there is now a definitive version that Lang claimed no longer existed.

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