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LUMI x NISF: Into The Afro-Future: The Last Angel Of History & Afronauts

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LUMI x NISF: Into The Afro-Future: The Last Angel Of History & Afronauts
Event Description

As part of NI Science Festival, Into the Afro-Future provides an entry into the world of fact, fiction and fantasy by QFT's LUMI Programmers.

Subverting historical narratives and identity norms through the surreal and fantastical, Afrofuturism radically critiques racial injustice through exploring alternative realities.

In John Akomfrah’s The Last Angel of History, factual documentary meets fictional narrative as we are guided through networks of music, space, and diaspora by a time-travelling protagonist. Retracing the displacement and deployment of Black musical traditions, Akomfrah bends reality to produce a remarkable work of science-fiction to understand diasporic culture.

Space travel continues in Frances Bodomo’s short film, Afronauts. Set in 1969, Bodomo follows the Zambian space program, hoping to beat America to the moon. Inspired by a true story, the short focuses on a seventeen-year-old girl who eventually becomes the program’s lead cadet.

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