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LUMI Presents - Possible Worlds

LUMI Presents - Possible Worlds
Event Description

Possible Worlds is an intergalactic cinema experience from the LUMI Programmers at Queen’s Film Theatre which explores the evolution of astrobiology (aliens!) in film. Starting with the first-ever sci-fi film, you’ll take A Trip to the Moon (1902) with the legendary Georges Méliès, before journeying back to the present with critically acclaimed sci-fi film, Arrival (2016) on the big screen.

Guiding you on this interplanetary adventure will be intrepid LUMI Programmers, Katherine Harris and Fionntán Macdonald, who will introduce a talk by QUB professor, Prof Francis Keenan, before the screenings. This will look at the science behind the depictions of both extraterrestrials and humans in some of our favourite films.

Join us for an out-of-this-world evening of spectacular space science!

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