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Lieven Scheire - A.I.

Tech and Innovation
Lieven Scheire - A.I.
Event Description

In this show, Lieven Scheire will introduce you to this new superhero of technology in an entertaining and accessible way. You'll get a glimpse of how it all works, what it can already do and what it will be capable of in the future. It's a first encounter with something that might soon become your new friend, butler, advisor, psychologist, personal trainer or guardian angel: Artificial Intelligence.

“This world is one big question mark, but talk to Lieven Scheire and everything becomes as clear as day. The first citizen of Nerdland is so intelligent and well-read that I expect Google to make a takeover bid for him soon.”

“An excellent theatre show that provides insights into the spectacular evolution of A.I. with great flair.”

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