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Legacy Soundscape of ECOS Park

Art & Science
Legacy Soundscape of ECOS Park
Event Description

Highlighting the varied sounds of ECOS Park in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The field recordings used various microphones, such as ambisonic, geophones, and hydrophones, to capture the unique soundscape of the park. The installation provides a multi-dimensional listening experience, offering diverse perspectives on the distinct sound sources in and around the park.

Additionally, the composition raises awareness about the impact of human activity on the natural environment as the surrounding infrastructure continues to grow. ***The project is ongoing and will include more points around the park.***


The SARC Sound Space Environment (Research Group) at SARC: Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Sound and Music, Queen’s University Belfast, comprises PhD students headed by Professor Pedro Rebelo. They investigate interactions between sound and space using interdisciplinary methodologies relating to acoustic ecology, environmental studies, sound and music technologies, composition, health, and many others. The group uses practice-based research projects, weekly seminar discussions, presentations, and papers to explore the multifaceted relationship between sound and conceptions of spatiality.

Piece created by: Pedro Rebelo, Georgios Varoutsos, Lara Weaver, and Robert Coleman

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