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HIVEsplaining the Sea

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HIVEsplaining the Sea
Event Description

HIVE are back with their HIVEsplaining concert series! After making a splash at last year’s NISF, this year, HIVE sails into the coastal town of Bangor to present a brand new nautical show - ‘HIVEsplaining: The Sea’!

Belfast’s resident weirdo singing crew is ready for a musical deep-dive into marine science. HIVE have been sticking their oars in, surfing the web and trawling through oceans of information on all things aquatic. Wave goodbye to shallow songs and coasting crooners - HIVE will have you submerged in alternative musical notation, improvisation and sound games - all shored up with some shanties and maritime melodies.

So hop aboard the Good Ship HIVE - whether they sink or swim, it’ll all be swell!

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