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HIVEsplaining concert - ‘Growing Up’

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HIVEsplaining concert - ‘Growing Up’
Event Description

HIVE Choir is back with their concert series 'HIVEsplaining', where they attempt to explain everything you need to know about a scientific topic through the medium of song! This year, to celebrate the NI Science Festival's 10th birthday, HIVE has birthed a brand new show - ‘HIVEsplaining: Growing Up’!

Join Belfast’s resident weirdo singing crew for a musical exploration of the science of growing up. From infancy to adolescence, from adult to elder, each stage of life brings its own unique milestones for maturing.

HIVE have spent yonks creating a new set of songs, musical improvisations and sound games to walk (or crawl) you through the hours, days, months and years of youth and seniority.

So, no matter your age or experience, come spend some time HIVE Choir for a lifetime's worth of musical moments!

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