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Helen Scales - What A Shell Can Tell

Environment & Nature
Helen Scales - What A Shell Can Tell
Event Description

Why are some shells spiky and some shells smooth? Why do some live underwater and others up in trees? What exactly do their patterns and colours mean and why on earth do some shells emit flashing lights..?

From seashells to those found on land, it seems a shell can tell you a lot - and marine biologist, Dr Helen Scales, has gathered up all sorts of fascinating facts about molluscs in her latest book What a Shell Can Tell.

Join Helen to find out more about these quirky little creatures and learn how to read the stories of shells - then find out all about oyster restoration and see the shells up close with Ulster Wildlife!


Dr Helen Scales is a marine biologist, writer, and documentary maker focusing on connections between people, science, and the living world. She is the author of the Guardian bestseller Spirals in Time, and writes for National Geographic Magazine, the Guardian, and New Scientist, among others. She teaches at Cambridge University and is science advisor for the marine conservation charity Sea Changers.

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