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Doctoring James Joyce

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Doctoring James Joyce
Event Description

It's not widely known but the famous Irish writer James Joyce started his career studying medicine at University College Dublin.

Joyce really wanted to be a doctor but he had three failed attempts to study medicine, leading to a switch to a literary life in exile. However, many of Joyce's works and correspondences are full of references to medicine and medical sciences and in his most famous work Ulysses, each chapter related to a particular organ of the body. Joyce's imagination conjured up fantastical ideas that we would recognise today in domains as diverse as radiation physics, nanotechnology and cancer surgery, among many other areas of medicine and science. No wonder he was called out as "The Einstein of English Fiction".

Bringing these stories and Joyce's genius to life in word, doggerel verse and song will be Professor Mark Lawler, Chair in Translational Cancer Genomics and Professor of Digital Health at Queen's University Belfast as he entertains, excites and appalls you with a new take on his acclaimed one man show, now reimagined for the NI Science Festival as Doctoring James Joyce.

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