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Communication And Technology Through The Years

History & Society
Communication And Technology Through The Years
Event Description

The Tower Museum will have on display from 15 February 2024 from 10am to 4pm items on communication and technology of years gone by. This display will be available for the public and school to view between the above times. The VR element will be open for small groups (4 to 5 People) to book a time to view. Small groups (of 4 or 5 people) who attend the VR will also be able to avail of free admission to the Permanent exhibition The Story of Derry.

The elements of VR are: 1. Afloat and Ashore: Follow in the footsteps of millions before you as you leave Derry Quay in 1891 journey across the Atlantic Ocean on a voyage of discovery as the lights of New York appear on the horizon.

2: Beware! Enemy Below! Protect the vital supplies arriving from North America from the U-boat menace as you try and spot dangers from your kite balloon hundreds of meters in the air!

3: Island City: With a birds eye view over a 3D landscape, users can watch the land around them develop and transform from a wild landscape of thick forests and ancient standing stones to the vibrant modern city of bricks and glass.

There will also be a display in the Alley Theatre based around the printing industry and Grays printing press history.

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