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A World of Wounds

Environment & Nature
A World of Wounds
Event Description

The Last Ice Age Giants & the Making of the Anthropocene

Tens of thousands of years ago, an eyeblink in evolutionary time, beasts that boggle the mind roamed every continent. Armadillos the size of cars and sloths the size of houses lumbered through the Americas. Lions and hyenas battled in the Yorkshire hills. Hippos wallowed in the Lagan. Unlike the dinosaurs, all of these creatures met with stone age humans, our ancestors. We gave them names, told stories about them, and in a short time likely hunted most of them to extinction.

In this talk, we will tell the story of these ice age giants, how they lived, how early humans likely drove them to extinction, and what this momentous event can tell us about our own age of biodiversity loss.

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Environment & Nature

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Nature-Friendly Farming in Action with Ballyboley Dexters

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