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Dippy In Depth | Earth

Thursday 29 November, 6:00 pm - 9:45 pm

Suitability: 18+

Can We Escape Extinction?


Dippy The Dinosaur became extinct some 65 million years ago. Is humankind doomed to the same fate? Or is there still time to escape extinction? In partnership with Ulster Museum, we have teed up a group of the most exciting science communicators and researchers from across UK & Ireland to challenge our thinking and inspire us into action.
Hosted in Ulster Museum’s lecture theatre and compered by award-winning science communicator Emer Maguire, our speakers will tackle three themes – Water, Earth, Air – across three evenings.
Volcanoes: from fuming vents to extinction events: In this talk, volcanologist Tamsin Mather will explore the tension between volcanic destruction and volcanoes as part of our planetary-scale life support system. She will also discuss what causes volcanism on planet Earth, why some erupt more explosively than others and what it is like to work on an active volcano.
Tamsin Mather, Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford
When aliens attack….Antarctica! Jes is an ecologist, which means she uses zoology, botany, animal physiology, environmental science, a bit of soil chemistry, a dash of maths and general wistful thinking to answer questions about how ecosystems work, all whilst looking at beautiful landscapes. Jes thinks that working out how all the interactions and connections that make nature what it is, is the biggest question she could possibly ask the planet. And especially in places like the Arctic and Antarctic, or up mountains, where ecosystems are the most sensitive to change.
Jesamine Bartlett – PhD student and polar ecologist, University of Birmingham & British Antarctic Survey
Why plants haven’t conquered the land: Facing up to Climate Change: Plants have done a pretty good job at colonising the planet – or have they? Jeremy Pritchard discusses the setbacks they’ve faced and how humankind is modifying them to be more tolerant to such issues as drought and pests.
Professor Jeremy Pritchard, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham
4th talk TBA – coming soon
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