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Dippy In Depth | Air

Thursday 22 November, 6:00 pm - 9:45 pm

Suitability: 18+

Can We Escape Extinction?


Dippy The Dinosaur became extinct some 65 million years ago. Is humankind doomed to the same fate? Or is there still time to escape extinction? In partnership with Ulster Museum, we have teed up a group of the most exciting science communicators and researchers from across UK & Ireland to challenge our thinking and inspire us into action.
Hosted in Ulster Museum’s lecture theatre and compered by award-winning science communicator Emer Maguire, our speakers will tackle three themes – Water, Earth, Air – across three evenings.
Are insects our saviours in a warming world? Chris is a science communicator, and was a researcher at the University of Oxford specialising in insect ecology and the effects of climate change on tropical forests, the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.
Dr Chris Jeffs, British Ecological Society
Death from above – will the universe kill me? There is a small but finite chance that the Universe will kill you, and take all that stress away. What will it be? Asteroid impact, solar flare, or death ray from a neutron star? Modern science has progressed to the stage where we can calculate these chances, weigh them up, and decide whether to blow that pension pot. Professor Alan Fitzsimmons from the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen's University Belfast will be laying down the odds.
Professor Alan Fitzsimmons, Queen’s University Belfast
Volcanoes and air pollution: Volcanic emissions can be a warning signal of volcanic eruptions, but also impact air quality, the environment and health. What risks does this pose for our climate?
Dr Evgenia Ilyinskaya, Research Fellow, Leeds University
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