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Dippy In Depth | Water

Thursday 15 November, 6:00 pm - 9:45 pm

Suitability: 18+

Can We Escape Extinction?


Dippy The Dinosaur became extinct some 65 million years ago. Is humankind doomed to the same fate? Or is there still time to escape extinction? In partnership with Ulster Museum, we have teed up a group of the most exciting science communicators and researchers from across UK & Ireland to challenge our thinking and inspire us into action.
Hosted in Ulster Museum’s lecture theatre and compered by award-winning science communicator Emer Maguire, our speakers will tackle three themes – Water, Earth, Air – across three evenings.
Resilient Reefs: How the biogeochemistry and physiology of corals and algae can be used to improve the management of our coastal seas.
Dr Heidi Burdett, Research Fellow, Heriot-Watt University
Blue-seas research: predators & prey in an ever-changing system: Pressure upon marine systems continues to mount year on year. Complex issues as overfishing, pollution and climate change seamlessly interweave to bring about wholesale shifts in marine communities over regional and global scales. The challenge facing marine scientists is not only to identify when such changes have occurred, but to do so before it is too late. Within this context we will consider how top-predators can act early warning systems or ‘indicators’ for biologists and unravel how such species locate their prey in a vast and ever-changing environment.
Dr Jonathan Houghton, Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast
Connected Waters - our aquatic ecosystems in a changing world: How barriers in human-modified landscapes affect fish dispersal, and how understanding how different species move through their environment helps to guide policy.
Dr Steph Januchowski-Hartley, Research Fellow, University of Swansea
4th talk TBA – coming soon
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