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No HOOF No HORSE - Fact or Fiction

Thursday 11 February, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Suitability: Key Stage 4 & 5

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“No hoof No Horse” but what does that mean? Horses are equine athletes competing in a range of strenuous sports such as racing and eventing. Therefore, if the horse isn’t healthy, structurally sound, with well-balanced feet then they can’t perform. Early intervention with a farrier can prevent problems from developing.

This is a demonstration of how this new technology ‘Werkman BLACK’ can assess the structure of a horse’s foot activity by assessing all aspects of its gait.  This video technology gathers data, presenting in different images and in a 3D animation.  See how science and technology can unify to improve the performance of our equine athletes.

Beneficial for students studying science subjects at either GCSE or A level.

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